BDNC was established to increase the Malaysian autonomy in the field of industrial activities pertaining to the In-Service Support and Refit for the two Scorpene® Submarines. At of today, BDNC is recognised to be ahead of the curve in its field by developing localization efforts and maximizing the Malaysian content via the successful Transfer of Know-How programmes (TOKH). The achievements of the TOKH are as below:

  • Malaysians in Leadership Positions. At the beginning of the BDNC’s establishment in 2009, all leadership positions were held by the French. Presently, majority of the leadership positions are now held by Malaysians.
  • Increased Local High Skilled Talents. The Malaysian expertise especially increased from 25% (2009) to 96% (2020). They qualified by Naval Group and competent to perform submarine MRO. The implementation of the TOKH had assisted Malaysia’s aspiration to produce local talents whilst reducing the country’s dependence on foreign labor.
  • Qualified Maintenance Authority (MA). A major milestone was achieved by BDNC when two Malaysians were qualified as MA by NG to decide on the MA issues in the frame of submarine maintenance. They are currently the only MA qualified among the Scorpene® operating countries (India, Chile and Brazil).